Clean & Seal

Clean & Seal

A Clean & Seal is a budget option for changing the colour and sealing concrete surfaces. Predominantly used for external areas like drive ways, paths and patios, this thin film acrylic resin concrete sealers are designed for the harsh external weather.

Process we undertake:

  • Prepare the Surface – High Pressure Cleaning and Chemical Treatment prepare the concrete for coating. Moisture, porosity and adhesion tests are conducted to ensure the surface is ready for coating.

  • Clear & Tinted Sealers - Depending on the finish requested, a suitable sealer is applied to protect your concrete surface for years to come. Depending on the exact product being used, it may be thinned on the first coat to assist with penetration and adhesion. Clear Sealers are more commonly used on Exposed Aggregate Finishes. Tinted Sealers  change the colour of an existing surface to match with renovations.

  • Slip-Resistant Bead - Clear & Tinted Concrete Sealers offer great impact at a great price but they can reduce grip in some circumstances. Broadcasting Slip-Resistant Bead into the wet coating can keep your concrete not only looking good but safe as well.

  • Penetrating Sealer - Penetrating Sealers sink deep into the pores of the concrete, sealing them at a microscopic level. There is usually no visible difference to the concrete after sealing but instead of moisture & stains sinking into the concrete, they bead on top and can be easily washed off.



  • Low Cost
  • UV Stable
  • Tough and Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy & Cheap to Recoat


  • Because of the thin film thickness, surface imperfections can be seen through the coating.
  • Needs recoating every 2-3 Years to look its best
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