Concrete Grind Polish Seal

Concrete Grind Polish Seal

Whether it’s a light grind to clean up a concrete surface, a heavy grind to expose the aggregate or a full polish, we have the equipment and experience necessary to give you the best possible result.

Process we undertake:

  • Prepare the Surface – Proper diamond selection is paramount for a successful grind. A successful grind may take several passes using increasingly finer grit tooling.

  • Polish to Desired Finish – A standard hone is finished with 60 or 120 Grit Diamonds. A Partial Polish will finish with 50 Grit Resin Pads. A full Polish includes densifying and grouting to fill pin holes and continues through the range of Resin Pads up to 6000 Grit.

  • Sealer - Depending on the finish requested, a suitable sealer is applied to protect your concrete surface for years to come. Waterproof, Stone Enhancing or Stain Blocker Sealers for all applications.


  • Modern Look
  • Stain & Impact Resistant
  • Tough and Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Basic hone can give similar look to polished


  • Stone exposure is subject to slab condition.
  • Full polished concrete is time consuming and labour intensive.

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