Flooring Removal

Flooring Removal

Many Flooring Projects start with the removal of old flooring. Tile, Carpet, Lino or Resin Coatings can be removed and disposed. Add the ability to grind flat or level up and Suncoast Coatings have solutions for most of your flooring problems.


  • Tile Removal – Internal and external tiles become outdated, stained, slippery or just start lifting. Suncoast Coatings can remove your old tiles leaving a clean sub floor ready for Polishing, Coating or Covering. (If the tiles have good adhesion, talk to us about our 'Tile Over Coat')

  • Carpet Removal – Worn, threadbare, stained or just plain ugly. Increasingly carpet is being removed due to the retention of allergens. Suncoast Coatings will strip the old carpet, remove retention devices, patch and repair. All ready for your new floor.

  • Linoleum Removal – Lino is out. Let Suncoast Coatings roll that ugly lino up and dispose of it where no one has to look at it ever again.

  • Adhesive and Coating Removal – High Spots, Tile Adhesive, Epoxy Coatings, Self Levelers or Water Proofing wont hold up to our PDC and Diamond Grinding Equipment. Couple this with our Vacuum Dust Capture and Dust Protocols, we leave you with a clean sub floor ready for your new floor.

  • Floor Levelling – Was your slab a Friday arvo job? Does it have more ups and downs than the latest popular TV show? Suncoast Coatings can apply cement or epoxy based self leveling products in preparation for your project.

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