Spraycrete Resurfacing

Spraycrete Resurfacing

A Cement based spray on resurfacing system for Drive Ways, Paths, Patios and Pool Surrounds. A cost effective solution for damaged concrete, exposed aggregate.

Process we undertake:

  • Prepare the Surface – We use one or a combination of Pressure Cleaning, Chemical Treatments and Diamond Grinding to prepare the surface for coating. If the surface has heavy pitting, is exposed aggregate or stamped finish, it may be necessary to trowel down a cementitious bag mix to top and level the surface before resurfacing.

  • Primer Coat – Before Spraying out the base coat we roll out a Primer Coat to ensure good adhesion with the prepared surface.

  • Spray Coats –  The Cementitious Compound is mixed with Activator and the Tint of your choice. This mix is in turn poured into a Hopper Gun fed with Compressed Air.  The mix is Sprayed in 1-2mm Coats to achieve the desired finish.

  • Decorative Options – More than just the many colour options. The flat base colour can look great by its self but most popular is the Speckle Finish. A choice of 2 or 3 Complementary or Contrasting Colours,Sprayed at low velocity to create a textured and individual finish. Want more design choices? Talk to us about using stencils and contrasting colours for amazing design effects.

  • Sealing – Traditionally Spraycrete systems are sealed with Clear Acrylic Sealers. This is cost effective and has satisfactory performance with the only down side bring the need to religiously resealing the surface every 2-3 Years. Upgrade to a High Quality Polyurethane Sealer for superior performance and reduced maintenance.


  • Huge range of colours, styles & stencils
  • Stain, Chemical and UV Resistant
  • Higher compression strength than concrete
  • Textured for excellent grip


  • May require seal coating maintenance

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