Epoxy Coating creates a seamless surface that is Stain, Oil & Chemical Resistant and very easy to clean. Available in almost every colour, with textured surface or with Slip Resistant Bead to create a tough, durable and safe flooring surface. 

Process we undertake:

  • Prepare the Surface – Our standard preparation method is concrete diamond grinding. This flattens the surface, removes any latent material and profiles the concrete substrate ready for coating. During this preparation we conduct any patching and crack treatment, using high quality epoxy mortar.

  • Base Coat – If the surface is very porous or there are concerns in regards to rising moisture, a Primer or Sealer may be rolled down to ensure the surface is ready for the decorative coating. Where this is not necessary, a Base Coat of epoxy will be rolled out to build film thickness and prepare the surface for the Top Coat. For additional strength and impact resistance, Kevlar Fibres can be mixed into the coat. 

  • Epoxy Coat - The Epoxy Coat is our Superior Quality Industrial Epoxy rolled out to create a seamless decorative and functional floor surface. Slip resistant sand or glass bead can be mixed or broadcast into the Epoxy Coat for grip in all weather and conditions.


  • Optional Protective Coat – Epoxy creates a decorative, tough and durable surface. Add UV Stability and Higher Chemical resistance by rolling an additional protective coat of Polyurethane. 


  • Huge range of colours, sizes and effects

  • Stain & Impact Resistant

  • Tough and Durable

  • Non-slip additive for safe surfaces


  • Some chemicals can react with epoxy coatings.

  • Direct high UV exposure can cause fading.


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